Outsourced 24/7 Site Reliability Engineering

Most problems end up costing more to solve than to prevent them. We offer professional management of virtual IT infrastructure and DevOps project support to ensure the correct flow of your business processes

SRE, 24/7 SRE Service, DevOps support
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analyzing your system, performing initial setup

Providing recommendations, uptime guarantees, and SLA

Illustration showing the concept of SRE DevOps Analytics and DevOps consulting. The image is a mix of abstract forms and specific symbols that depict our data-driven approach to improving operational efficiency and reducing software development risks.

24/7 support & control maintenance

We monitor and react, you can contact us any time of day/night and get a response in 15 min max.

Digital graphic representing 24/7 website support and control maintenance. The graphic includes elements symbolizing monitoring, tracking, and server reliability engineering reports, underscoring our commitment to consistent and reliable service.

Monthly reports

Providing monthly reports with instance system status, and alerts.

Graphic image demonstrating SRE reporting and DevOps alerts. The image, composed of visually striking indicators and alerts, portrays our proactive approach to incident management and our dedication to maintaining system stability and performance.

What you get as a client of pillars

Save money by keeping
you uptime high
Highly qualified
team of experts
Signed contract with well defined performance metrics
Human language translated technical terms, talk client's language
Monitoring important
metrics and logs
Emergency alerts on

Additional devops, design, and development solutions


Best for the clients who have 10 or less servers/nodes
+ Initial one-time setup price $1000
Great for companies that run more than 10 servers/nodes
$1500/mo + custom price

Tools & Technologies

cloud providers
Amazon web services
Google cloud
microsoft Azure
Containerization and orchestration
New Relic
Load Testing
Apache Jmeter
infrastructure as a code
Development, CI/CD and Devops
Azure devops services
Logging and analysis
Grafana loki
on-call sre & communication

application sre lifecycle

SRE application lifecycle, SRE scheme, SRE flowchart, SRE Diagram,
Get started
Starting at $1500/mo

Do you really need SRE?

Test your SRE compatibility now.

SRE Reporting, SRE pdf report example, DevOps pdf report. Server maintenance report, SRE monthly report
As a business owner, you always feel the consequences of your website downtime?
What is the damage of downtime for you in a month?
Your brand is sensitive to your audience.
What is the main driving force of your business?
You have a 24/7 dedicated hosting provider support.
Your website runs multiple interdependent services.
What does your website performance curve look like?

you need SRE

Your business relies on your online presence and efficiency and is currently being damaged by downtime. SRE would help you optimize your infrastructure and keep the uptime 24/7.

you don’t need sre (yet)

At the current level of operation, your website does not require SRE, however, if you plan to scale, contact us and we will help you prepare.

you may need sre

There is evidence that you may require SRE but there is not enough information. Let us run a few tests and get to know your business needs better.
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